Season 2 Episode 3: Solitude

Ink from the Embers
Ink from the Embers
Season 2 Episode 3: Solitude

As two introverted creatives, we come to this topic as two people who need solitude as a part of our lives, as well as our creative process. Solitude is a full and nuanced topic, and in this episode we try to dive into the nuance and layers of the concept. We talk about how for us, if we’re trying to create a sense of solitude among others, there’s a large amount of energy expended on protecting the mental space, and then the extra energy we have when the space we occupy brings us solitude. We go into how solitude does not always equal silence, what it means to have a room of one’s own (and the privilege that holds), and thresholds entering our spaces – whether it’s physically a threshold or a ritual like lighting a candle to signify the beginning of work. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, especially those of you who are extroverts! All of our experiences are different, and when it comes to the idea of solitude, what it takes to create individual work, is that an enjoyable thing for you, or is it a challenge? And even if it’s an enjoyable and or necessary thing, is there a point where the solitude of your work is too much to take?

Heads up if you have little ones around, occasionally some colorful language slips into our dialog.

Thank you for listening in on our thoughts and conversations. Now we’d love to hear from you! We’re putting together a “listener’s questions” episode and we’d love for you to share your questions about creativity and our individual practices.  We’d also love to hear about your stories, both the victories and the struggles with your own creative process. Send it over to our e-mail address or dm us on Instagram. We look forward to bringing your voices into the podcast!

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