Season 2 Episode 10: Deadlines

Ink from the Embers
Ink from the Embers
Season 2 Episode 10: Deadlines

How many times in one episode can we say the word ‘deadline’? That’s the question for today! In this episode we do a deep dive into deadlines, what our relationships are with them and why, how our evolution with them has happened, and soft vs. squishy vs. hard deadlines. And of course, there’s more to the topic than meets the eye, and we dig into social contracts and deadlines, as well as self talk and deadlines, and how deadlines are ultimately a form of communication.

Heads up if you have little ones around, occasionally some colorful language slips into our dialog.

Thank you for listening in on our thoughts and conversations. Now we’d love to hear from you! We’re putting together a “listener questions” episode and we’d love for you to share your questions about creativity and our individual practices.  We’d also love to hear about your stories, both the victories and the struggles with your own creative process. Send it over to our e-mail address or dm us on Instagram. We look forward to bringing your voices into the podcast!

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