Episode 12: Distractions

Ink from the Embers
Ink from the Embers
Episode 12: Distractions

Episode Twelve starts off with a quick announcement: we’re taking a summer break! This episode concludes Season One. We’ll be back in autumn, full of ideas and topics and creative pursuits. 

The episode itself is all about distractions: what we’re distracted by and how we bring our attention back to focus on the job at hand. We talk about work being a distraction itself, but also how sometimes when we’re easily distracted it means there’s something going on beneath the surface that needs to be dealt with. We discuss different tools – music, turning off the internet, etc. – that can help, and how sometimes finding ways to rule out distractions is actually a distraction! 

We’d love to hear from you! What are your biggest distractions, and how do you deal with them? What helps you to focus when the world and all it’s distractions are knocking on your door?

Heads up if you have little ones around, occasionally some colorful language slips into our dialog.

Thanks so much for listening and for your continued support and encouragement with our podcast. We appreciate all the connections made in this first season, and look forward to engaging more with you, our listeners, after our summer break. 

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Toby’s Music selections:

Alcest: Kodama (This has to be in my top five albums of all time… I’d go more into depth, but it’s just damned good. Soulful beauty. The grandeur and drama of Nature. Gorgeous, but raw with power. I saw Alcest play live in Strasboug, France. Niege was like a saint on stage, smiling calmly and beaming with love. Yes, That’s metal.)

Falls of Rauros: The Light that Dwells in Rotten Wood (This is another top five album… can I have more than five top fives?)

Earth: The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull (A Classic of “Drone Metal”. It’s calm, chill Autumn music. Don’t let the genre throw you off. Just dive in and get in the zone. Another top five by the way…)

Russian Circles: Memorial (Listen to 1777. Just listen to it. Loud. No… louder. Yesss….. All the feels. All of them. Amazing instrumental music. Just amazing. Drums, guitar and bass. That’s all. Ok, maybe ad some synths, but the bassist is playing that with his feet or his pinky finger while playing bass. Great emotions. Great stories without words.)

Intervals: The Shape of Color (Upbeat happy metal? Yup. They do that.)

covet: technicolor (More upbeat metal, and we need more women in metal! Yvette Young is a great roll model, and just watch her smile when she plays!)

Victory Over the Sun: A Tessitura of Transfiguration (Interesting stuff; 17 Tone Equal Temperament. This is top notch Excel Music)

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