Episode 11: Cycles

Ink from the Embers
Ink from the Embers
Episode 11: Cycles

Episode Eleven: Cycles

In this episode we do a deep dive into cycles and seasons. We discuss our creative cycles and flow and how they line up to seasonal cycles within the year. We touch on depression, seasonal affective disorder, and chronic pain, and how we can use knowledge of cycles, factors, and correlations as tools rather than excuses. When rest comes up we delve into how our work doesn’t always look the way society tells us it should, and how to manage the internal/external worlds and how they may not line up with cultural calendars and norms. At the end Toby poses the question, how would you describe your creative cycle by seasons? And we find that our seasons of creativity are actually pretty similar.

We’d love to hear from you! Consider your creative cycle by way of the four seasons, what would it look like?

Heads up if you have little ones around, occasionally some colorful language slips into our dialog.

Thanks for listening!

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Seasons {check out the third paragraph about six seasons}

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