About Us

Corinne Cunningham is a writer, knitter, home educator, avid reader, instagram and ocean lover, and always has a mug of tea by her side. After a childhood filled with daydreams and stories, she stepped away from writing for many years only to return to the craft once having children of her own. Finding ways to infuse her life and everyday tasks with creativity is her passion, which fuels her writing life. She lives with her family on the northern coast of Massachusetts. Her debut novel, Farm Girl, was published in 2019.

Toby M. Schreier is an Artist and Printmaker. His current studio practice emerged from a twisted path, starting with crayons, Legos and days dreaming through Tolkien’s mythic forests, then wandering through studying Physics before switching to Fine Arts. From there he spent over a decade drifting and developing, working in Public Transit as a driver, instructor and manager, before he started his adventures back towards his inky passions again. Alongside his own work exploring the quiet, sublime beauty of the natural world, he offers instruction in Printmaking and Observational Drawing at his Atelier in Zürich, Switzerland, both in English and German. There’s always tea on offer to participants, customers, and visitors.

As children and siblings, Corinne Cunningham and Toby M. Schreier grew up in the United States on the coast of New Hampshire. Their childhood, filled with imagination and connection with nature, inspires both their work. As adults living on opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean, their connection has grown through their shared interest in art, words, and the process by which all is accomplished: creativity.